Dirty Business

Step into the quirky, chaotic world of landscape design! Dirty Business transforms barren, forgotten outdoor spaces into unique, stylish getaways to be proud of. Make the most of your mortgage payment inside and out with the Gemini Award nominated Dirty Business!

Landscape design is no walk in the park. James Dale, Joel Loblaw, Kennedy McRae and Lorne Hancock dive head first into the daily drama that keeps their business booming. Demanding clients, tight deadlines, nosy neighbors and lashing rain are as much on the to-do list as is having fun!

It's all about attitude. Dirty Business cuts through the confusion to the bare root of what you need - information and decision-making skills to spend your money wisely. We are your source of outdoor inspiration and ideas, for getting it done and enjoying the results with a little humor along the way. Dirty Business makes your neighbors green with envy!

Dirty Business is seen in over 200 markets.

26 half hours - High Definition